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The Sacred India Tarot Print - Shiva Marries Parvati

Inspired By Indian Mythology And Epics

by Rohit Arya


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Illustrated by: Jane Adams

The Sacred India Tarot Prints

 These selected prints are enlarged images of the actual cards forming The Sacred India Tarot deck. The energy inherent in the visuals of Hindu gods, goddesses and sages radiates harmony and peaceful vibrations into the environment. Therefore, apart from depicting the principal characters and events of Indian mythology and epics in highly stylized artworks that would adorn any home, they are also ideal for meditation or worship. You can choose the form of god that most appeals to you from the wide range of prints on offer.

 These art prints are professional-quality reproductions printed on premium photo paper with semi-archival inks with a non-fading guarantee for many years, without any significant change in their colour saturation and vibrancy. They closely capture the brilliant colour range and finest details of the original paintings. The scans and digital files were colour corrected by the artist for the closest possible match to the originals.

 About The Sacred India Tarot

The Sacred India Tarot is unique in its synthesis of two mystical and meditational streams of world culture – the Tarot and Indian mythology. They blend amazingly well without compromising their own truths and cultural integrity. This is the first and only Tarot deck to work solely within the parameters of sacred Indian mythology – almost the only living mythology today. Millions of people daily worship, or meditate upon, the deities depicted within. This gives The Sacred India Tarot an unmatched spiritual power and contemporary resonance.

 Important: Please ensure that you keep the prints away from direct sunlight.

 Print Size: 

These full colour prints are available in three sizes to suit your particular requirements:

 5" × 7” and 8” x 11” Colour Prints on photographic-quality Art Paper

 18” x 24” Colour Prints on superior quality Canvas

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Full Color
Art Paper
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